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Violões Arantes

Arantes guitars are designed throughout their construction process, solely, by the hands of luthier Hugo Arantes, with the best, noblest

and rarest woods available today.


The instruments have an exclusive design and creation, personalized and differentiated sound, both in classic models with standard measures, or in customized models, according to the customer's needs.


Originally, the luthier Arantes was also a musician, guitarist, very demanding in terms of timbre, tuning and playability of instruments.


For these reasons, his production has attracted the attention of those looking for quality from start to finish, in every detail.

Renowned musicians such as Nelson Faria, Almir Sater, Leo Amuedo,

Daniel Figueiredo, are using Arantes instruments, both for recordings and in live performances, for their quality.


Violão Aço Arantes

In the manufacture of Arantes guitars and violas,

are used  only solid woods.

In addition to the standard models and measurements,

you can customize your instrument.  


Viola Caipira Arantes

One of our specialties is Viola Caipira,

brazilian genuinely instrument,

with a unique sound! ​


Used by Almir and Gabriel Sater,

in the brazilian TV Novel Pantanal. ​



Meet the other models!

Hugo Arantes Luthier

Hugo Arantes

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